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Brave New World, That Has Such Creatures In It

Submitted excerpts from CINNABAR ISLAND RESEARCH LOGS maintained by [REDACTED]. Property of INDIGO COMMISSION and to be considered ELITE LEVEL CLEARANCE. Please check all security badges with Silph personnel before continuing.

CIRL 26.1

The introduction of the M3W cells into the prototype zygote has been a success. Even in the solution environment we’re recording results far in excess of projections. We go to live trials next week.

CIRL 27.5

We’ve officially logged our first fully formed organism with the M3W traits. Their expression has been fascinating. Designated PM001 the experiment demonstrates both animal and vegetable qualities not unlike extinct prehistoric microbes, but on a much more complex scale. Gathering energy through a combination of herbivorism and photosynthesis PM001 maintains an incredible level of biological efficiency and continues to develop at an accelerated rate.

CIRL 29.2

Progress on the project continues to exceed expectations. Two more organisms have been generated using the M3W growth template, each with markedly different adaptive qualities. One has developed to thrive in the island’s volcanic environment, somehow creating internal temperatures capable of combustion reactions without apparent harm. The other seems to have adopted an aquatic profile, with a physiology that cools and condenses ambient water vapor from the air. More than simply being cold-blooded, it actively subtracts heat energy from its surroundings. We hope to move from reptilian to mammalian and avian trials within the month.

CIRL 35.2

Initial experiments with mammalian and avian hosts were not encouraging, the subjects expressing only odd pigment colorations. Their development has kept pace with the previous studies though. Each has reached physical size many times that of normal specimens and demonstrate increased learning abilities. This may be the single greatest discovery in scientific history, and there is increased desire that we should go public with our findings. Dr. Rochet and the Silph Group remain cautious though. Until we get clearance to publish, our work continues in secret.

CIRL 47.6

There seems to be no limit to the organisms and traits that the M3W matrix can map. We aren’t just revolutionizing biology anymore; the laws of chemistry and physics are showing permeability undreamed of since the alchemists. I’ve even seen some life forms in the staging zone that I don’t think have been cataloged. This disturbs me slightly, but Dr. Rochet assured me it was a paperwork error.

CIRL 48.3

I am certain Dr. Rochet is lying to me. To us. The staging zone is overrun. Our index is a mess, but I am sure there are uncataloged life forms out there, more than we could have produced. I confronted Dr. Rochet about another Silph lab on the island, but he brushed me off. Thinks the isolation is getting to me. I admit I’ve been withdrawn lately, but I’m not alone. The PM series seem to form easy human attachments once domesticated, and in my spare time I have been grooming a number of them as pets.

CIRL 50.5

Alarming discoveries. Numerous. Colony of PM001 discovered beyond the staging zone perimeter. Seemed to have hatched from eggs that originated as airborne spores. Unforeseen adaptations becoming more frequent. Colleague remarked to me that he hasn’t seen any native birds lately. I suspect that PM016 has rapidly outcompeted them for scarce resources and they may now be extinct.

CIRL 54.0

Men came to the island. Silph Group men. Dr. Rochet’s men. I sent the 016 I’ve domesticated to spy on them. A useful application. I’ve trained it to use pictorial communication; a highly intelligent bird. The men are armed and have set up security around the island. Fortunately I no longer live in the research dormitories, having tendered my resignation and fled to my jungle base. Those few who knew of it said I was paranoid, but now I am vindicated in my precaution. I will continue to record these observations from my island sanctuary.

CIRL 56.7

The Silph Group is moving the organisms. I’ve seen the ships and the crates. Last night I snuck into the compound and accessed the network. Rochet never changed the passwords. We still haven’t published but I saw new experiment protocols concerning military applications. That’s what they’ve become, biological weapons.

CIRL 60.1

It has been over a year since I took this contract. Over a year since I came to this island and started playing god. I can still hack the network occasionally and get news from the outside. An attempted demonstration of the experiments in Japan ended in disaster. Nearly a hundred violent, invasive species have been introduced and steadily dominating the ecosystem. Japan is under quarantine, but sightings have already been reported on the Asian mainland and the west coast of the U.S. They’re too adaptable, their evolutionary speed too advanced. Even here the PMs have expanded far beyond the boundaries of the staging zone, conquering most of the island. Only those ones I have domesticated, my last remaining friends, let me survive in the deep jungle and tall grass. This is how I have adapted. I do not like to think of them as tools, but they are extensions of my own will to survive.

CIRL 64.0

I keep having this terrible nightmare. I’m swimming along the coast. I can’t tell whether I’m trying to escape or get back to shore. The waves and the undertow trapping me between them. Then, up on the rocks I see my one of my old professors. Why he’s there I don’t know, but when I call to him for help he opens his mouth and screams. It’s not a human scream though, its one of theirs. The creatures’. A thousand howls like the grinding of terrible machinery. Other times he isn’t there and instead I see it. Like a shimmer in the air, drawing my eye. A thing with too many angles to exist. A tessellation folding in on itself infinitely. Somehow I know that it’s looking at me, without eyes. It fixes on me and I can feel its hunger, not just for me but for my memories, my whole self and every self across a million realities. It’s a point in space refracting everything that cannot be, and it feels hate.

CIRL 68.2

They’re going to do it. The second stage. M3W2. They think they can use it to control the others, to take back the world. By harvesting cells from the original experiment and applying the new data M3W2 is supposed to be another evolutionary tier beyond the PM series. Of course, they also think they can control it.

CIRL 72.1

It’s over. It’s all over now. The M3W2 deployment backfired even more terribly than I predicted. They vastly underestimated its intelligence, as they have with most of the life forms. It wasn’t long before the handlers were dead and the thing was on a rampage of natural disaster proportions. Frightened men seized power and the nuclear option sealed the deal. M3W2 even outsmarted the atom, unleashing a counterattack that has all but ended industrial society. Three months to the day after the containment breach in Japan and the world is unrecognizable. Monsters hunt the animal kingdom to the brink of extinction, alien flora overgrows the ruins of civilization, and humanity is no longer master of the planet.

Final Log 75.7

I have rejoined the remains of the research colony, those of us that are left alive. Already the compound is being reclaimed by nature unbound. My army of loyal creatures have made me a leader. I was exploring the old lab when I saw it. The first experiment. The prototype zygote. Only, it was alive. Fully formed. Who knows how long since it had broken stasis. The first and now the last of all its kind. It looked at me almost quizzically, knowingly, before flying away and fading into the night. I teach those with me how to survive, holding court in the abandoned gymnasium. Barrel-fires and pyrotechnic animals light our long nights and I gaze across the water to distant shores where child soldiers rule.

It’s their world now…

prof oak


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Eight Bits to Oblivion

The Kingdom.

They said they took her to The Kingdom. A walled off ruin of the worlds-that-were, towering and cavernous at the same time, an impossible maw with infinite teeth. Nobody even remembers what it used to be. For as long as anybody has been anybody The Kingdom has been its own little piece of the dark ages crammed in along with everyone else in the endless city. No electricity, no cops, no rules. The dragon roars beneath me, its particle engine turning everything in front of it into pure speed. There’s only one road in and out of this place, and I want them to hear me coming.

I’m going deep behind enemy lines, just like back in country with DK’s in every godsdamned tree. Eighty-First Airborne, the “Jumpmen.” Seems like a lifetime ago. I was a different person then, do I still have the edge I need? No room for hesitation, if I stop moving in there I’m dead. No obstacles. The best approach will be through the sewers, miles and miles of forgotten labyrinth running through every inch of creation. Can’t count on those though. Streets are a death trap, so I’ll have to go over when I can’t go under.

Nothing but the largest street gang ever assembled between me and where I want to go. Probably gene-droppers too, the weird ass punks. The shit kids do to their bodies these days. I’ve got surprises of my own though. Enough daisy-grenades to level a square block and a whole kit of military grade fungal steroids. Make you feel like a giant, man. Then there’s the pulsar. Gods, hope I don’t have to use that.

I see the first checkpoint looming up ahead, the ragged edge of everything. The toy soldiers are already lining up. Good. When I hit them I want them to never want to crawl out of their holes again. I reach behind and feel the comforting grip of the hammer, popping the first of my little helpers and the gunning the monster down the highway to hades…

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