Alright. This is it. I’ve made excuses before, but this is what it’s all come down to. The “sorry I haven’t updated” post. I don’t know if this is quite record length for me in the eighteen odd months I’ve been doing this, but it’s at least pushing that threshold. So what’s the freakin’ deal, dude?

Well, where to start? I’ve recently become dissatisfied with my work and living situation. Well, not recently. Things have been building to this for while. I desperately need a change of pace (or two or three) while I’ve still got the momentum and energy to affect them. So, things have been a little up in the air while I’m juggling these things. About to commence a bit of apartment leap frog across state lines (which like most fun things is probably either a felony or at least a frowned upon public obscenity).

As to updates and content. This is another area where I feel like I need a change of pace. Overall I’ve enjoyed doing the comic reviews, but with the books I have I feel as though I’ve taken it where it’s going to go. The series are still fun to read, but I’m running out of things to say about them and increasingly falling into the pattern of “plot summary, did I like it, lather, rinse, repeat.” As might be inferred, stagnation is something I’m trying to avoid. To this end, I will be doing a last review of Godzilla: Half-Century War to round out it’s run, but from this point on Earth Two and The Shadow are going to be discontinued features. What I want this to do is force me to inject a little variety. I’ve got some things on the burner that I think you’ll like and which I think I may find a little more creatively rewarding for the moment.

As a cherry on top of this little self-actualizing sundae I’d like to open up the floor to my readers (presuming I had any in the first place and if so that I still have any left). Like a hirsute and cantankerous Ryan Seacrest I am going to take questions and requests. Is there anything you’d like to know about either myself or the things I write about? Anything you’d like to see me do, any obscure trivium you’d like to punish me with, or any uncomfortable and probing inquests regarding the nature of my associations with known pop-culture terrorists? If so. Drop it down to the comment section. I solemnly swear to read and respond to each and every one (because there will probably be so few that it would be embarrassing not to).

Scouts honor.


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