Minutes on my mind, cont.

A spasm of inspiration that seemed to turn out pretty well for the product of a few minutes. My terrible songz, let me show you them.

Do you remember when we went down to the riverside
To see the people pray
For what they already had
We went down to where time’s abide
To the people who went away
Ahead of when things got bad
When the dust came and raked across
All our worlds and took our words
From our mouths a parched refrain
Of a love gone mad
Too far gone and lost across
All our stars and all our scars
That made us whole with righteous pain
Sadomasochistic sermon
Sacrament of twisted wire
We are what we bleed
But love runs thicker still
Automatic ballistic ferment
Torment of our misplaced ire
We are what we speak
But suddenly the tongues are still


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