Minutes On My Mind, Part Deux

I know I promised more substantive writing, but things are still kind of crazy right now, so to keep up with my promised posting schedule I’m padding things out with more lame poetry. Enjoy! (Or not, as your tastes dictate)

Lovestruck madman
Tough luck scat man
No words to tell
Tell no tales how I fell
Pull the arm, turn the clock
Chick chock, tick tock, close the lock
Wedding bells on my mind
Don’t know what I’m looking to find
Cherubim on the chimes
Feels like I’ve got no time
Time to tell, time to keep
What I’ve sown I’m gonna reap
Air raid siren calls the tune
Wilted flowers may yet bloom
Run in circles, from myself
Poster boy for mental health
Feet on pavement, got no payment
For my bills, society’s ills
Want to heal, don’t know how
To fight these demons, serenity now
That I’ve gone, to the place
Where I can let my dreams keep pace
With what I see when I’m awake
I pray the lord my soul to take


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