Opening Credits Roll

Testing. Testing. Is this thing on? Oh, right. Okay, here we go.

Lets call me Walker. Its not much of an internet handle, but it does good duty as a descriptor. I walk. Places.

I should think that isn’t why you’re here though, whoever “you” are. I hope that maybe you’re here to gander at my writing on various and disparate subjects of interest to me, which the notion is that this blog should showcase. I should be up front with the fact that Walker is a curmudgeonly luddite with a petrifying fear of new media, so I can’t promise much razzle dazzle on these musings until I’ve properly learned the ropes of this subversive new digital publishing thing.

Who is Walker? Well aside from being a guy who sometimes talks in the third person for no real reason, the eventual Interpol dossier on me will likely list that I embarked on my career of futile pedantry and part-time supervillainy as a recent college grad bereft of meaningful direction and adrift on a sea of information overload. Part extended writing exercise, part living resume, part sluice for the radioactive waste that occasionally seeps from my brain. In essence, a “blog.”

Now, to arms comrades!


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One response to “Opening Credits Roll

  1. I think I’ll refer to you as Longshanks instead. Or Strider, but only if I’m feeling particularly generous.

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